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SGA coalitions

Do you lead a multi-campus coalition? We’d love to get you involved in this effort and elevate your students’ voices. Reach out to NCLC Policy Director at


Do you represent an individual SGA? If you’re involved in a broader coalition (i.e., statewide, conference-based, etc.), we’d love to get that coalition involved. If not, we can bring you into the fold as well!

Individual students

At the moment, the coalition is organization-based, but we still need your ideas, stories, and support. You can get involved in two important ways:

  1. Share your story. If priorities in the policy platform resonate with you or represent an experience you’ve had, we want to elevate your story so policymakers understand the real impact of policy on real students. You can share your story below.

  2. Connect with your SGA. Make sure your SGA knows you think it’s important to engage on substantive policy issues. Feel free to introduce us to your SGA president!

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To contact the Student Policy Alliance, reach out to National Campus Leadership Council, which is currently housing the student-led coalition.


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