Student Policy Alliance

We are elected student leaders representing more than 6.1 million students from more than 400 diverse colleges and universities across the country. We need solutions that match the scale of challenges facing students today. As a national student community, we have come together to outline a set of principles that we believe are critical to successfully addressing issues students experience every day.

Members of the Student Policy Alliance



About National Campus Leadership Council

The National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC) cultivates, strengthens, and advances student leadership in higher education. Since our launch in 2012, we have empowered thousands of student body leaders at more than 500 colleges and universities around the country to develop the tools, networks, and skills necessary to confront exigent issues facing students today. We work closely with major higher education stakeholders in the public and private sectors to develop unparalleled resources and programs that support and elevate students’ success on a wide range of issues including college affordability, campus sexual assault, mental health, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and campus to career transitions.

These programs include our ongoing Policy Institutes addressing relevant issues impacting campuses, our annual CampusCon summit designed for student government members and the annual Presidential Leadership Summit designed for incoming and outgoing student body presidents.

We like to play a critical role in sharing resources that will enable student leaders to be well prepared for the academic year and have helped launch launch major national initiatives that do just that, including the It’s On Us initiative to stop campus sexual assault, Defend Our Future to expand student engagement in sustainability programs, and Don’t Double My Rate campaign to keep federal student loan interest rates low in 2012 and 2013.

Theory of Change

Today’s students face enormous challenges, yet student voices are too rarely heard when decisions are being made about student finances, health, and safety. We are changing that. NCLC leverages its relationships with major higher education stakeholders to deliver unparalleled programs that help student leaders develop greater expertise, skills, and networks to become influential stakeholders on campus and beyond. NCLC provides institutional memory, resources, and direction to the network so incoming leaders can pick up where their predecessors left off, building an effective student voice for decades to come.